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Created in 2021, SARANKOFA, is a new high-end Belgian leather goods brand. Sarankofa is more than a brand. It's more than a bag. Sarankofa is a story! Of love, freedom, and everything you need to carry your dreams.

Sarankofa is to be in control of one's life, to unfold, to evolve, to dare new projects, to reinvent oneself, to persevere. Sarankofa is to feed on the past to build the future. Because we all need Roots and Wings

Sarankofa means "for the love of Saran" in Bambara (Mali). Saran is the founder's mother's name. Her mother, who nicknamed her "Poudre de piment", had let her leave at a very young age to fulfill her desire for freedom.Her mother who had let her grow wings and who, despite the distance, had never stopped believing in her.

Her mother, for whom she wanted to conquer the stars, offer them to her willingly and see her forehead shine with pride.
Life decided otherwise. Her mother's heart stopped too soon, too abruptly. Without her being able to say goodbye.

But through the winding streets of exile
The gray cobblestones draw in arabesques
The notes of the thousand-year-old lullabies
Which bring me back to the source of your pond
- Excerpt from the art/poetry book "Les masques parlent aussi" (p.33)

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In reality, Sarankofa's adventure started about 20 years ago when the creator started painting without knowing where the artistic adventure would lead her. This led her in 2014 to the publication of an art/poetry book "masks also speak". In turn, they inspired the creation of a uniquely designed bag with the integration of details from her paintings. The meeting of artistic creation and leather goods gave birth to the Epoquebag.
Elegant, Practical, Original, Quality, Useful, Ecoresponsible

This painting is a tribute to Africa "Farafina, cradle of humanity"

This painting speaks about the freedom of the woman "I want to speak, hear, see".

This painting is about those who took the road to find a better life
"What have you to steal from heaven that cannot be given to you without gall?"

Roots, Wings and Values

Because the path is the journey, the creator Fatoumata Fathy Sidibé has given free rein to a creation inspired by daily experience, anchored in the Roots, carried by Wings, nourished by Values of solidarity, authenticity, transmission, freedom, equality, respect, sustainability.

With a Belgian founder originally from Mali, leathers of European origin, handcrafted by a Belgian leather goods company relocated in North Africa, the Sarankofa brand breaks down borders.

The Sarankofa brand has chosen the pre-order model because it adheres to a new way of consuming and producing: It relies on the production of useful, handmade, ethical working conditions, an eco-responsible approach with a search for an alternative to leather of animal origin.

The objective of the Sarankofa brand is to have a positive societal impact. Because to paraphrase the President-poet Léopold Sédar Senghor, it believes in "the appointment of giving and receiving."


The creator of Sarankofa, where we did not expect her. "Life is too short to live only once."
Founder and creator Fatoumata Fathy Sidibé is a woman who is authentic, committed, free, creative, positive, inspiring, a leader, aligned, faithful to her convictions, and who follows her dreams.

She is an author, painter, entrepreneur, and honorary member of the Brussels Parliament, Knight of the Order of Leopold of Belgium.

Born in Bamako, Fatoumata Fathy Sidibé spent the first years of her life between Belgium and Mali before returning to Belgium.

After her university studies, she worked in the field of journalism, multimedia, publishing, social work, and associations. Very committed, she has long been an activist for human rights and in particular for women's rights. She was a member of the Brussels regional parliament for ten years before deciding in 2019 not to run for re-election and to leave the political arena for new horizons.

She is a writer and author of three books. As a painter, she also deploys her creativity in entrepreneurship by launching a brand related to art. She is also a radio columnist.

"I am determined, passionate and optimistic. And my dreams don't run out. Every experience is an opportunity to go further, to develop an emotional GPS, to be honest and true to oneself, to drive the locomotive of one's life, to have the power to say no when, after listening to the instinct that guides us - a feeling, an impression, a whisper, a questioning, a certainty - a voice in our heart guides us to the light, teaches us to let go because there is something else waiting for us." -Excerpt from The Voice of a Rebel | Ed. Luc Pire, Brussels Sept 2020